Justin Dolan / mdjustin

I'm a guy who makes cool stuff.

I’m a 3D artist with a high interest in the technical side of things, I have a large thirst for learning and expanding my skillset in as many ways as I can to benefit the projects I work on. I use this knowledge and skillset to create my own pieces that I am interested in making, but I also enjoy teaching others the techniques and skills they need to create there own works as well.
I’ve worked on a varied array of dynamic projects, both in and out of the commercial sector. Throughout these projects I have taken and adapted a number of technical skills and experiences, applying them to the next projects. Having been in many roles already I have had many opportunities to become familiar with many aspects of 3D art and team work.

What Can I Do

I've worked in both a team and solo and have been able to adapt to both work styles. I have a strong understanding of the game development pipeline and enjoy being in a role that allows me to do many things wihtin the various areas of it. A strong understanding and enjoy the PBR workflow.
I have experience in many software packages all varying expertise, I’m also always willing to learn more.

Maya 3DS max Blender
Substance Painter Substance Designer
Unity Unreal Engine
Photoshop Illustrator Premier Pro
After Effects Animate/Flash
Zbrush Mudbox

And unrelated to software I have experience in working as a team/project leader for a number of projects. As well as teaching new techniques or skills to ones willing to learn. I also enjoy the design aspect of creating a game and am able to design game mechanics to match the chosen idea of projects.
Always wanting to expand my knowledge I hope to move into a technical artist role in the near future, having built up the skillset within the programs I now need to expand on this knowledge to help in the solving of problems and learn the programming side of technical art.

Things I've Done

Mozenix - Lead Designer/Consultant
06/2017 - 01/2018
At Mozenix, I was lead artist and Designer, in charge of creating images and videos to help with the branding of the company. As well as the creation of 2D and 3D assets for use in AR prototypes using HoloLens, AR kit and Vuforia and AR Core.
My responsibilities cover a large range of disciplines:
- Creation of 2D and 3D assets for use in AR.
- UI and UX design.
- Creation of Realistic 3D models, importing and exporting them into games engines
- Creation of branding materials.
- Ensuring consistency of the company look.

I now currently work as per contractual basis as a consultant for the company.

Disney Research ( Mentor ship ) - Environmental artist/Technical Art.
02/2017 - 05/2017
Working with Disney, I was originally put in charge of managing the foliage, working closly with the lead director making sure the scene looked natual and authentic for the story.
-based environment assets.
- Sculpting, topologizing and texturing tree models
- Modifying a library of models to work in the render engine, Renderman
- Create referencing structure for assets
- Other exterior environmental assets

As this project progressed and members of the team left, I took on additional responsibilities. Becoming a technical advisor to the team after the first major deadline.
- Solving workflow problems, designing more efficient workflows
- Teaching how to use software, such as Renderman and Substance Painter
- Working on Look Development
- Managing source control and reference structure

This work was accepted as part of Disney Researches submission to SIGGRAPH 2017’s VR Village, IRIDiuM+: deep media storytelling with non-linear light field video, this paper can be foundHere! .

Vision Mechanics - Animator.
8/2016 - 10/2016
I was hired by Vision Mechanics to create animation for several of their character for their augmented theatrical production.
- Create looping animation in a cartoon style.

Other Notable Work

Voluntary Teaching - Scultping in Zbrush
4th Year - Weekly - Abertay
I was asked to help set up and teach a small class within university to teach people how to develop and use techniques for Zbrush, showing people various workflows and methods to create models people can be proud of creating.
This allowed me to pursue they style of work I wish to do more, which is teaching based and problem solving technical art. As teaching the program, many students will encounter various errors that I do not. This meant I had to know a quick fix that wasn’t either too complicated and didn’t lose any progress they had made.

Narrative game Jam - Abertay and Penn State University
This was a Game Jam that took place in Abertay with students from both Abertay and Penn State university, this was aimed at allowing the Penn State students to come and experience what I was like to create games and see the methodology and variety of jobs and work behind the scenes within the games they play every day.

Were I learnt it all

BA with Honours – Computer Arts.
Abertay University, Dundee.
2016 - Present(Expected Graduation May 2018)

Higher National Diploma – Computer Art and Design.
Dundee and Angus College.